Sears Holdings Corporation’s Statement Regarding Craftsman Max Axess™ Locking Wrench

May 16, 2017 Update:

“It’s important to note that the court already rejected all of Loggerheads’ claims against Sears specifically. Although we’re disappointed in the jury’s finding on the patent claims, Sears was defended and indemnified by Apex on those claims.”

September 20, 2016 Update:

The court on September 20, 2016, granted Sears' summary judgment motions on Loggerhead's fraud claims. The court’s rulings confirm what Sears has maintained all along: The allegations made by Loggerhead are simply untrue. Although Loggerhead's patent claims remain pending, Sears is being defended by Apex, the manufacturer of the tool at issue. Sears looks forward to putting this matter behind us and concentrating on selling America’s most trusted tool brand going forward.

We take intellectual property rights very seriously and respect those rights. The allegations made by Mr. Brown simply are untrue and we will vigorously defend against all of the allegations raised in his lawsuit. Despite some visual similarities to other tools on the market, the Craftsman Max Axess™ locking wrench operates in a different way, using a mechanism designed in the 1950s that Mr. Brown expressly argued to the patent office was different from his own design.

As one of the nation’s largest private employers with 264,000 associates, Sears believes in America.   Sears Holdings Corporation employs more than 30,000 veterans and 1,500 active members of the National Guard/Reserve.  Hundreds of millions of Americans invite us into their lives every year:  visiting our stores, delivering a product, performing a service, solving a problem, or answering questions through our call center – Americans can and do put their trust in our company and brands. That’s not something we take for granted.

Registered in 1927, the Craftsman brand remains one of America’s most trusted.  Not just any tool can be called Craftsman, ONLY those tools that are best-in-class.  All Craftsman hand tools, including the Craftsman Max Axess™ locking wrench, are warrantied for life.  We will repair or replace any hand tool that fails to meet customer expectations, a guarantee that’s been in place since Craftsman was founded.  To ensure customers receive the highest quality and performance standards while also offering the best value, Craftsman continually evaluates from whom and where to source products.  For example, Craftsman sources all Craftsman Industrial™ hand tools here in the USA along with many other tools that bear the Craftsman name. The bottom line: no matter where a tool is made, ALL tools must meet the exacting quality standards to be called Craftsman.

In addition to the many Craftsman products sourced in the USA, Diehard automotive batteries are produced here at home.  We constantly look for ways to partner with our manufacturers to help bring jobs to America.  Through our manufacturing partner Electrolux, more than 1,200 new American jobs will be added at the plant they are building in Memphis, Tenn.  This plant will manufacture ranges, wall ovens and cooktops, some of which are under the Kenmore brand for Sears.

Ultimately, Sears chooses products based on our mission to deliver the highest quality, value, and performance to our customers – that’s our promise.

Sears Holdings Corporation
November 14, 2012

Craftsman's Max Axess™ Locking Wrench is patterned after mechanism designed in 1950s (pdf)

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